Cafe Charlotte

Restaurante Italo Argentino

Cafe Charlotte has been serving the best of the Argentinean and European cuisine in Miami Beach. Locals and tourists enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in our location in South Beach, in Washington Avenue.

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The Best Italian Argentian Cafe

The menu includes classic dishes from the Argentinean cuisine, which is actually a mixture of several European creations, that are also performed in both Lunch and Dinner menus. Along with a wide variety of meats, fish and pasta dishes, you will find a selection of wines and drinks to enjoy a business lunch or a relaxing dinner.

Discover the taste of the Italian and Argentinian cuisine. You will always want to return!
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Authentic Cuisine

Cafe Charlotte is world-renowned for its tantalizing meat dishes, the wide variety of flavors and the original “Chimichurri” recipe, which enhances the flavor of the meat. Our Argentine Italian Cuisine is also famous for the most delightful desserts and appetizers.